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06/2010 - 'The Independent' Newsletter Clipping

Another program was launched by RICV called the Community Leadership Academy, where 15 people with disabilities came together to enhance their leadership skills. Particularly, the participants met once a week for 4 weeks in June at the RICV Conference Room, where they were trained in becoming a member of a board of a non-profit organization involved in the disabled community.

Kellie recently reported that 2 of the 15 graduates of the program have submitted an application in hopes of serving as a board member of an agency supporting people with disabilities. One of the graduates, Anthony Gracian, says “this Community Leadership Academy has given me the opportunity to become a better leader in my com-munity. I was really excited about this opportunity that I was given. Thank you RICV and thank you guest did an excellent job.” Guest speakers who have graced this event included Bob Hand, Elizabeth Kunz, Jackie Ryle, Kelli Furtado, Jeffery Snyder, Lyyne Ashbeck, and Russell Ryan. For more information on the Community Leadership Academy, contact the Systems Change Advocate at 221-2330.

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